MFA Guides

Using UninstallScriptsV2
  1. To uninstall the RapidIdentity MFA Desktop Client using UninstallScriptsV2, first download the .zip file and unpack it into a C:\Temp directory.


    If a C:\Temp directory does not already exist, it will need to be created.

  2. Set ExecutionPolicy to Unrestricted, then run the uninstaller in either CMD or Powershell format from an elevated console.



    Make sure ExecutionPolicy is set back to Restricted once the script has run.

  3. Verify the success of the uninstall.


    You should see the assemblies being removed. If they are not being removed, ensure that gacutil.exe exists in C:\Temp and that you are running from an elevated prompt.

  4. Run AppWiz.cpl to verify the client has been removed.

  5. To check on assemblies, run the Assembly command from the Run prompt or through any elevated prompt. After a fresh install, the assembly files should match the version of the client you have installed.