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Installing RapidIdentity MFA Windows Client in Shared Workstation Environments


These are the instructions for the RapidIdentity MFA Windows Client Installation for those customers that still use it for 2FA. If you are looking for the RapidIdentity Windows Client that authenticates into our RapidIdentity product, here is the link for that documentation.

RapidIdentity MFA Windows Client Shared Workstation Environment (SWE) is designed to provide a secure, fast, and auditable change of control for organizations that implement shared Windows systems. By securing and creating an audit trail for both the SWE and applications utilized within the SWE, RapidIdentity MFA Windows Client Shared Workstation significantly reduces but does not eliminate, the risks associated with SWEs and generically logged on Windows accounts.

RapidIdentity MFA Windows Client Shared Workstation is a feature of RapidIdentity Windows Client and the installation should be in Server Mode, as opposed to standalone mode.

Installing in Server Mode provides administrators with the ability to hide the RapidIdentity Windows Client executable, manage the authentication experience, and set the server URL. These settings are also available through the Policies module in RapidIdentity Server.

This section provides an overview of how to install, configure, and use RapidIdentity Windows Client Shared Workstation.