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FAQ - Pin

What is a PIN?

A PIN is a Personal Identification Number and is configured when the user first sets up their card.

RapidIdentity Server provides instructions on how the PIN should be configured, such as the required characters with their frequency, and these instructions are derived from the organization’s policy. Once the PIN is established it becomes the user’s code to perform smart card functions.

Does anyone else know my PIN?

No. Each user PIN is known only to the user setting up the PIN.

Should I share my PIN?

No, never. Users should never share their PIN with administrators, managers, help desk personnel, or anyone else. Your unique PIN is yours and should only be known by you.

What should I do if my PIN is compromised?

Users can change their PIN at any time.

Can I block my PIN?

Yes. The PIN will become blocked if entered incorrectly too many times. Each organization decides the number of attempts allowed before blocking. Most organizations allow three to five incorrect entries before blocking.