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Recycle Card Utility

The Recycle Card Utility provides administrators the ability to identify ownership of a contact smart card or an enrolled contactless card.

Once the cardholder is identified, the credential can be returned to the owner, the card can be canceled within RapidIdentity Server, or if the cardholder is not in the Steady State, the Recycle Card Utility can format and reset the card to factory defaults so that it may be re-issued to a new cardholder.

The Recycle Card Utility is installed with RapidIdentity Server and an OMNIKEY reader must be connected to the RapidIdentity Server.

Follow these steps to recycle a card.

  1. Run the recycle card utility from this location: C:\Program Files\2FA\One Server\tools\RecycleCard.

  2. Right click and select Run as administrator.

  3. Insert a contactless or contact smart card.

  4. Click Connect. The utility will display the Card Name, Serial Number and Assigned user.

If the card is associated with a user in Steady State, administrators are prompted to edit the user’s state in RapidIdentity Server before recycling the card.

If the card is not associated with a RapidIdentity Server user, administrators are prompted to confirm the intent to format the card.

If there has not been an attempt to issue the card from RapidIdentity Server it is recommended to click No and allow RapidIdentity Server to manage the card from this point.

Finally, if the card has not been issued from within RapidIdentity Server or there is another reason to format this card, click Yes.