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Set up Contact or Contactless Smart Card

The smart card setup begins after completing Q&A.

The steps to setup the contact and contactless smart card are essentially the same, with the primary difference being that the contact smart card must be inserted into the card reader and the contactless card must be close enough to interface with the reader.

Follow these four steps to setup the smart card.

  1. Insert the contact smart card into the card reader and click OK.

    1. If setting up a contactless card, ensure the card is close enough to the card reader.

  2. When prompted, select a PIN and click OK.

    1. Remember that the PIN is unique and should never be shared with anyone.

    2. RapidIdentity Server begins the user personalization process. During personalization, the smart card is bound to the user’s corporate identity and special cryptographic keys are created that are linked to the user’s corporate digital identity. These keys are used to authenticate to the company’s network and to login to the workstation. This process ranges from 30 seconds to several minutes.

    3. When the personalization process completes, enter your PIN and click OK.

    4. Press Continue to proceed to the RapidIdentity Server User’s Portal home page.

At this point, users can proceed to any menu items for which they have authorization or choose to log out.