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Pin Policy Rule
Table 45. Pin Policy Rule



PIN Policy Rule

Defines whether the user’s PIN policy is used for authentication, or allows administrators to Always or Never Require PIN.

PIN Complexity Rule

Determines or overrides PIN policy rules for an entire machine, and applies when on that machine to users setting or using a PIN to login.

Card Behavior Override

Determines or overrides locally set Card behavior. Options are Use Default Policy, Do Nothing, Lock or Logoff upon Card removal or card tap.

Default Method

Defines the default tile presented to users at login

Default Domain

Sets the default domain in the dropdown of Username and Password or

Login All Windows on Logon

Attempts to log the current user onto all active application for which Secured Apps templates exist

Close All Windows on Logoff

Closes all windows when a user logs off but does so politely. In other words, applications which may prompt a user for feedback at logoff (for example, do administrators wish to save?) will not be shut down if no response is provided.

Kill All Windows on Logoff

Closes all Windows at logoff, regardless of any popups or feedback requests from those applications.

Skip App Windows on Logoff

Used in conjunction with Kill All Windows on Logoff, applications can be omitted from the Kill All Windows operation

Citrix InstantConnect

Launches Citrix Online Plugin at login if present and submits the logged on users credentials.

Citrix QLaunch Parameters

Allows administrators to define Citrix Applications to be launched at login

VMware Instant Connect

Launches VMWare View and submits the logged on user’s credentials

RDP InstantConnect

Launches Microsoft Terminal Services Client and submits the logged on user’s credentials.

RDP Server

Used in conjunction with the RDP InstantConnect feature, this defines the server to be logged onto.

RDP – Use Multiple Monitors

This determines whether or not RDP sessions will inhabit all available monitors in a multi-monitor configuration.

InstantConnect Lock on Exit

Automatically locks shared workstation when any InstantConnect application is closed.