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RapidIdentity Server provides a secure and easy way to manage life-cycle events for Crescendo, iCLASS, and Proximity (Prox) cards.

There are three different card-related terms used frequently in this guide.

Table 1. card-related terms



Contact Smart Card

This term refers to the contact component of the Crescendo card.

Contactless Card

This term refers to CLASS, MIFARE, and Prox cards.


This term refers to both contact and contactless cards collectively.

There are eight identity lifecycle events in which RapidIdentity Server can manage.

  1. Initial set-up of your card

  2. Selecting your unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) for your card

  3. Setting and changing your unique PIN for your card

  4. Unblocking your unique PIN for your card

  5. Creating, updating, and replacing special keys that are used in conjunction with your card

  6. Updating information on your card

  7. Replacing your card in the event that it is lost, damaged, forgotten somewhere inaccessible, or stolen

  8. Providing for emergency access in the event your card is inaccessible