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Database Administrators

In addition to the database settings which can be set here from within the RapidIdentity Server Administrator Portal, these DATABASE-ONLY keys are provided.

Table 47. Database Administrators

Database Only Key



IgnoreAllDomains is helpful when syncing if it is necessary to treat all users based on username only. This can be useful if one username may need to authenticate across many different domains, or if domains are causing issues dueDNS DNS renaming constraints or NetBIOS issues.


The AutoCreate key automatically creates a user that attempts to sync up, based on the AutoEnroll settings in the portal.


UseEnhancedPinPolicy tells the server to enforce CJIS PIN Policy as found in CJIS authentication policy dated XXXXX (need to look that up, or the version number).


TestConnectionPassword can verify some third party hardware (e.g. load balancers) if the server is alive and responding correctly based solely on HTML responses. This is the password that should be supplied for validation.

To verify, call the URL (i.e. http://servername/one/validation_portal/dovalidate.aspx?test=1 and it should return with a validation page for “TestConnection” if successful. This page will not allow an actual login.


If this is true, a user can send “SMS” or “text” as their password and have an OTP texted to them for use in their next attempt.


If this is true, RapidIdentity Server will use settings found in the rest services \web.config in order to integrate with BioKey’s WebKey product3