MFA Guides

Accessing the Administrator's Portal

The first attempt to authenticate and access the Administrator’s Portal requires the default built-in account called ONE_sys_admin. Recall that the ONE_sys_admin account was created during the RapidIdentity MFA & eSSO SQL Database setup.

The ONE_sys_admin account is the most privileged role within the system and cannot be deleted or modified. After creation, the account should be secured with a stronger form of authentication than username and password. The account can be secured by a smart card, Q&A, or other authentication methods within the system.

Identity Automation strongly recommends that organizations immediately create a second user account with the ROLE of ONE_sys_admin and conduct configuration and changes with this newly created account to ensure audit data is created appropriately. The ONE_sys_admin account, once secured with a card, can then be stored to be used only in case of emergency.