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By Event Logs

Event Log reports allow administrators to view events forwarded to the server from properly configured clients.

The possible events to run event logs are listed below.

  • Contactless

  • Fingerprint

  • Interactive Logon

  • Lock

  • Login Type preceded by the possible login methods

  • Magstripe

  • OTP

  • Password

  • PKI

  • Q&A

  • Remote Logon

  • Smart card

  • Windows

  • Unknown

  • Unlock

Follow these steps to run reports by Event Logs.

  1. Navigate to the Reports tab.

  2. Click By Event Logs.

A pop-up window will open with the newly generated report.

Results will be displayed chronologically listed indicating the User, Event, Result, Source Computer, Date and Time. Results requiring more than one page will have links in the lower left-hand corner for additional pages.