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MFA User Removal Tool

To determine the currently installed version of the RapidIdentity Windows Client, select About from the desktop tray Icon menu, or view the installed program in Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs and Features.


Administrators can clear the RapidIdentity MFA Client cache at any time by running an executable file that is specific to their version of RapidIdentity Windows Client. Once the executable is run, the local cache of users on a system will be removed.

To use the tool:

  1. Place the User Removal Tool .exe file locally on the machine that the User Cache is to be cleared from.


    Ensure the version of the removal tool matches the version of the client installed.

  2. Navigate to the tool using an Administrator Command Prompt.

  3. Input the command -ra to remove all locally cached users.

The syntax below is for all of the User Removal Tool executable files. This file can be run from either the Windows command prompt or PowerShell.

UserTools.exe [-4]|[-rsa]{-ra][-ca][-cr][username] [cuid]
Table 49. User Removal Tool Syntax




Remove user from local cache


Remove secured apps of user in local cache


Remove all users


Add card [cuid] for user [username]


Remove card [cuid]


Export fingerprints


Export raw fingerprints

-ha password

Update Hideez account password