MFA Guides

Administrator Portal

The Administrator Portal enables help desk, security, and IT administration personnel to perform these tasks outlined below:

  • Configuring RapidIdentity Server.

  • Managing authentication methods.

  • Managing authentication sets: assign which methods are available for which users.

  • Managing Users: assign managed users to particular authentication sets.

  • Managing, configuring, and assigning Question and Answer sets.

  • Setting users’ status: force a user into a particular workflow.

  • Managing RapidIdentity Server roles.

  • Deactivating credentials.

  • Revoking user credentials.

  • Deleting credentials.

  • Renewing credentials.

  • Managing offline unblock for contact smart cards.

  • Generating authorization codes.

  • Enabling/Disabling Active Directory Accounts.

  • Running credential and security report.

  • Managing Activation Keys and User Licenses.

  • Managing Updates.

  • Enrolling credentials on the behalf of other users.