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Key Backup Tool

When RapidIdentity Server is installed, random encryption keys are generated and those keys are used to communicate securely with clients and store protected data in the system.

Because of how this data is encrypted and decrypted, each database will be tied to its corresponding Server Key. It is always advisable to backup server keys after installation and during any server operation that may affect the server keys.

Additionally, for RapidIdentity Server deployments where multiple application (IIS) Servers are to be deployed to communicate with a single SQL instance or farm, each RapidIdentity Server must utilize the same encryption keys in order to access encrypted data stored in the database.

Identity Automation provides a Key Backup Tool that is provided to backup the key from your initial RapidIdentity Server instance, and restore the key on subsequent RapidIdentity Servers so that each server maintains the same keys.

This procedure should be performed for each subsequent RapidIdentity Server before any server operation is performed.