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Table 44. General




When enabled, RapidIdentity Client will produce a sound when a card is presented and read.

Tray Icon

When enabled, a RapidIdentity Icon will appear in the system tray of enrolled users.

Splash Screen

Displays a RapidIdentity window when sync operations are occurring.

Log Level

Sets logging to level 1 (Errors only), 2 (Errors and Messages) or 3 (All data).

Log Scope

The Log Scope defines the item event types that are included during logging. Administrators can toggle these options to match their environment to streamline the audit database.

Log Folder Size

The Log Folder Size is the number of megabytes the log folder will contain before creating a new folder. This value can help to preclude the hard drive from being filled with log data.

Suppress UI

When enabled, prevents users from being able to launch the RapidIdentity Client application user interface.

Suppress Gina Logo

Disabled by default, this legacy feature for Windows XP prevented the RapidIdentity logo from being displayed at the logon screen

Secured App Access Interval

Defines the amount of time the application will wait for a secured app logon prompt before attempting to submit credentials again.

Client Enrollment Save Password Time (in seconds)

Defines the amount of time a client/ user’s password is saved before being discarded.

Enroll smart cards on Client as Contactless

Defines whether Smart Cards are enrolled on client machines as Contactless Cards.

Client Enrollment Type

Defines whether client enrollments are Full or Partial.

Enroll Hardware PIV as Contactless

Ensure you are using a PIV token, and not a FIDO, Bluetooth, or OTP hardware token. These look like a banking card with a chip and pin.

You may need the following drivers:



Enroll as Contactless Card

This is an optional setting that would allow users to register Smartcards that would usually store certificates to register as an RFID contactless card.

This solution works with additional drivers. Without the drivers, it will read in the ATR instead of Serial UUID and cause conflicts.