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Bluetooth Enrollment

Bluetooth enrollment allows users to authenticate with their Bluetooth device when the Bluetooth device is sufficiently close to the Apple device.


Users who enroll a Bluetooth device but do not set a PIN will be automatically authenticated to the workstation once the Bluetooth device is sufficiently close to the Apple device. This assumes that no other users attempt to authenticate to the same Apple device.

Thus, it is recommended to always set a PIN when enrolling a Bluetooth device.

Follow these seven steps to enroll a bluetooth device with the RapidIdentity Mac Client.

  1. Navigate to the menu bar, click the red Identity Automation ribbon logo, and click Enroll Bluetooth Method.

  2. During the enrollment, the username is automatically populated but is redacted in this screenshot. Enter the password click Next.

  3. Select the bluetooth device to pair. It may be necessary to adjust the bluetooth configuration on your bluetooth device (i.e. phone) to allow the device to pair. Once the device displays, click the device and then click Next.

  4. A successful pairing results in a passcode being displayed. The bluetooth device should also prompt users to confirm pairing with RapidIdentity Mac Client or enter the passcode.

  5. Finally, determine the lock and unlock configuration settings, which includes the PIN Prompt, Lock Prompt, and Lock Time in seconds. When complete, click Next.

  6. If a PIN prompt is required to lock and unlock, enter and confirm the new PIN then click Save.

  7. When Complete, RapidIdentity Mac Client confirms the bluetooth enrollment.

  8. Once the Bluetooth device is enrolled, users can optionally configure its sensitivity by navigating to the menu bar, clicking the red Identity Automation ribbon, and clicking Bluetooth Sensitivity. A scroll bar appears allowing users to determine the sensitivity being near or far. Verify that the sensitivity is set in the middle.


Updating Bluetooth Enrollment

Once a Bluetooth device is paired, its configuration settings can be changed by completing the Enrollment process from the beginning.

For example, if the initial enrollment requires a PIN but the PIN is no longer desired, completing the Enrollement again and selecting No PIN results in Bluetooth authentication when the Bluetooth device is close enough to the Apple device on which RapidIdentity Mac Client is installed.